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Ded? D= [May 25th 2007, 20:38pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Would we say this site's dying? Or is everyone just busy with finals?

If there was already a note about this then apologies. D= I <3 this place muchly and I'm just wondering where everyone is? I'm off for the summer now and most of my friends are still in exam season, so... I'm bothering you poor people. XD

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[May 5th 2007, 14:47pm]

LIFE IS BETTER NOW. I'm caught up on homework and life, and my computer is fixed and GOD LOVES ME. So guess who's back. >3 HaveIannouncedithereyet? IF NOT ACCEPT THE SPAM ANYWAY.

Nuku Nuku (finecolorday)
Kurama (onceafox)

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One more thing~ [May 2nd 2007, 18:18pm]

Hokay, I've been really busy with school, so that's my bad for not posting as much, but I got a question for you all...

Are there any plot events that I would need to acknowledge when making a log? Just wanting to check, so I don't miss anything, due to my schedule.

But, yeah, sorry for being MIA when I just joined. ><;;; Should be all clear after this week, though.
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[April 27th 2007, 16:12pm]

HAY GUYS. Kura here to state that my laptop is pretty much retarded and I'll be out indefinitely. D: SORRY.

Affected ones:
Kurama {onceafox}
Nuku Nuku {finecolorday}
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Hmm... [April 26th 2007, 16:19pm]

Just wondering, but would anyone like to do a log with Repliku or anything? I'd like to do somethin with him him. ^^;;

PS. My AIM name for RPing will be my main one, Mega da Hedgie, at least, for IM logs~
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OOC: HIATUS [April 20th 2007, 14:32pm]

It's HIATUS TIME! Indefinite to boot. WOES
Characters Affected

Morinozuka Takashi He'll be wandering about, looking for a job. As usual.

HCIII-X / Tres Iqus Continuing his search of the city. Stepping on the occasional peep. The usual.

Watanuki Kimihiro Busy at work and revelling in his 'freedom', so to speak.

So. Yeah. GUH.
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[April 18th 2007, 20:32pm]


Hey all, remember when Misha hit her head on the tree? u_u Well, it boggled up quite a bit of her brain, and now she can't seem to remember a thing! The fact that she's an angel still resides, but she's struggling to remember how to use her own powers.
That's not to say that she can't use them. They are still as powerful as they have ever been. Which is why I'm making this post to tell you what your characters might possibly be seeing.

  1. Animals that are mixed together. Like a cat with dog ears and a tail. Or a bird that can meow. The most random of random combinations will probably be seen. Your character will probably also see alot of rabbits with a little unusuable pair of wings (Misha's favorite animal is a bunny u_u;;)

  2. Your character might have a certain characteristic of a bunny stuck to their clothing as well. It's up to you what you choose and if you even want to participate. This will last until she can remember or at least get ahold of her powers. XD Things like ears, a tail, a nose, whiskers, the teeth, or the rather large entire bunny costume could be stuck to their body. :D

  3. The last thing. When quiet in the streets, your character might hear the sound of a flute or a violin. Untraceable but very pretty. u_u
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[April 12th 2007, 13:42pm]

Allo~ This would be your Repliku-mun, back from vacation, finally. Anyway, figured I'd just let you people know that I'm not dead, and I'll be making that intro post now~

Just gotta upload some userpics, though~
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[April 12th 2007, 19:39pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

This may sound totally random and pointless for an entry... but I'm bored right now and I have a big mouth... bad combination!

Anyways, since the invasion of these Peeps... has anyone else been badly craving marshmallows? Seriously! Myself and Hiei-mun actually craved marshmallows and made the guys drive us to the store to buy some...

See what this place does to us? lmao!

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THIS NEEDED TO BE DONE [April 11th 2007, 10:35am]

[ mood | sorry ]

I return from my unannounced hiatus! Ihopemycharactershaven'tbeendroppedjijgireajig iftheyhavesorry. ._.

So yes! I've returned, and I hope to keep rping with you all! Life is calmer, and I'm on spring break for the rest of the week, so I have the time to devote to rp again!

Again, I am so very sorry for being horribly quiet. ._.

OH and this affects Nuku Nuku {finecolorday} and Kurama {onceafox}. I APOLOGIZE TO THE HIEI PLAYER AND MY LOVELY KURO-MUN FOR DYING ON YOU TWO LAST MONTH. It was the middle of the quarter and things got tough, then started smoothing out. This is the last quarter now, though, so I might be slow 'til June... where I may end up stopping altogether because I'll be at the beach after I get out, then in Japan for two weeks after that.


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